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Classy Wedding at Gluecksburg Castle || Jenny and Nils

July 24, 2019

billeder af bryllupsdetaljer med bryllupsinspiration taget af aarhus bryllupsfotograf Jeanette Merstrand

With tears in their eyes Jenny and Nils recited their vows to each other. As gentle words of loving declaration spread throughout the chapel, Jenny and Nils weren’t the only ones with tears of happiness in their eyes and the air itself seemed to have grown sweet and thick with love. After the vows, Jenny took Nils’ hand and softly squeezed it before he pulled her into an embrace, a gesture that could only mean pure and unconditional love and gratitude.

Jenny and Nils’ wedding was held at the Glücksburg Castle in Northern Germany. They are both from Flensburg, and this is where they met and fell in love (read more about that here) so although they are currently living in Frankfurt, the Glücksburg Castle was the perfect location to complement their relationship. Their day was full of romantic detail, and their colorscheme of red, white, and gold set the stage for a classic celebration full of romantic flair!

However, more than the horse carriage, more than the red roses and incredible food, this was such a beautiful celebration of love. From the priests words at the ceremony and the vows, Jenny coming down the aisle to a live rendition of Hallelujah, to the smiles and good conversation during the reception, the first dance and the clinking of cocktail glasses accompanied by laughter at the party, this was without a doubt a celebration of love in its purest form.

I loved that I was able to be there for the entire day from preparation to party, and that we were able to fit in portraits both at the beach and at the castle- it always gives so much variety when we are able to fit in several portrait locations.

Jenny and Nils, congratulations! 

Dress Designer: Amera Vera

Purchased at: Laue Festmoden, Tellingstedt

Ceremony Venue: Glücksburg Castle

Florals: Mondblüte Innovative Floristik

Reception Venue: Glücksburg Castle Orangery

Ceremony Singer: Nina Lorentzen

Reception Singer and DJ: Elected and Samantha Maxine

Cake: Die TortenWerkstatt

Catering: Glücksburg Beach Hotel

Invitations: Cotton Bird

Event Service and Equipment: Hoppla Satrup

Cocktails and Bartending: MixxMalWas, Sazha Gross

Glücksburg Schloss hochzeit


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