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Winona Winter Portrait Photoshoot | Kongenshus Mindepark

January 20, 2019

Recently I had the chance to meet up with this gorgeous girl in Denmark to snap some pictures. Winona is a brilliant artist and student living in Brighton, England. She also happens to be my sister, and living in different countries we rarely get to see each other, so this photoshoot and time together was truly special! Even though shooting couples and weddings is my specialty, I also always LOVE getting to take portraits of individuals!

We took the pictures on the heath of Jutland near my hometown in Denmark. In the summer these vast open fields are purple seas of heather flowers, but in the winter it reminds me almost of the desert with the soft golden tones. The light was magical during our photoshoot together and as the sun crept lower and lower the light got more and more golden and hazy- I preserved this light change in the pictures so you can see the golden hues more and more as you keep scrolling and get closer to sunset 🙂 I hope you all love the pictures as much as I do. It truly was such a special time and the scenery though largely untouched tells such an interesting history of Danish history. If you are interested, you can read more about Kongenshus Mindepark (King’s House Memorial Park) here!

Enjoy taking a walk through the heath fields with Winona and I and feeling the golden rays of the setting sun through the pictures! Don’t forget to leave me a comment down below to let me know your thoughts!


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