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Travel | Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

May 8, 2018

jeanette merstrand
Sometimes the wonders of the world are a lot closer to home than we realize! This past weekend I visited the Hercules monument and Unesco world heritage site “Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe” in Kassel and it was truly spectacular!
The waterworks throughout the park start at the top of the Hercules monument, run down the watersteps in front of the monument, cascades down several waterfalls and finishes in a 50m high fountain. The entire spectacle is surrounded by gorgeous forest and open fields, and I honestly felt like there was something so beautiful and serene- and almost magical- about the place!
I loved watching the water change form as it cascaded down the steps, through the waterfalls, running into the river, and into air at the fountain! It reminded me of life and all the different stages we go through and adapt to- like the water.
Before I get too philosophical, I’ll let you all have a look at some snapshots from the trip. Enjoy!


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