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Rustic Wedding in Vejle | Diana and Karsten | Tirsbæk Slot

October 18, 2018

As the organist played a beautiful, romantic and soft rendition of “Something Just Like This,” Karsten looked over at Diana and with a glimt in his eyes, and soft tears gathering in her’s, he softly sang the lyrics to her; “I want something just like this.”

Karsten and Diana were married in the Sct. Norbert’s church in Vejle last Saturday and surrounded by their family and friends they both spoke the words “I do.” There was truly a special reverence in the church during their ceremony and it was a beautiful privilege to be in attendance at their wedding. It was full of love, commitment and positive energy!

This was also a wedding full of symbolism and meaning! After declaring their love and commitment to each other, Diana and Karsten’s son was baptized and was clothed in the very same garments that Diana had worn at her own baptism. The couple’s rings were made from the gold of an inherited bracelet of Diana’s late grandmother, and on each ring was the engraving of half of a dome- when put together the rings make a heart! I found this especially significant as it felt like at Diana and Karsten’s wedding, not just two people were joined, but two families, and two nations. Diana’s family had come from Venezuela to attend the wedding, and Karsten’s family from all over Denmark and it was clear that the couple’s warmth towards each other was strongly echoed in their families love and warmth for each other as well!

Their day was perfect in every way; from the sweet reverence of the church ceremony, to the loving and genuine words of the speeches and the burst of energy and joy at their reception leading into the late hours of the night.

Diana and Karsten, congratulations! I hope this blog brings back the happiness of your big day and preserves the moments of your wedding! And to Diana, Karsten, and everyone else; enjoy!

So much happiness!

Headed to the church!

First kiss!

Oliver did such a wonderful job at his baptism!

Just married!

After a few pictures at the church, Diana and Karsten drove to the reception location in their sleek ferrari, where we got to take their husband and wife portraits!

Such a beautiful and sweet couple! The reception was decorated beautifully in a rustic theme with lots of accents in dusty rose- so romantic!

Her sister made these cakes!

First dance, and then the party started, complete with a live band!

Jeanette Merstrand Photography


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