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Rustic Wedding at Landgut Lingental in Heidelberg || Katharina and Daniel

October 3, 2019

bryllupsportrætter taget til et rustikt efterårsbryllup af bryllupsfotograf jeanette merstrand

In the middle of the pouring rain, standing under the shelter of a small rustic shed, Katharina gently put her hand on Daniel’s shoulder. He slowly turned around and the two of them, with tears in their eyes, fell into a loving embrace- Katharina’s arms around his neck, and Daniel’s arms around her waist pulling her in close.

Standing there, with each other, in this perfect embrace of love, with admiration for each other glistening in their eyes, the sound of the beating rain surrounding them, and the crispness of autumn hanging in the air, the world seemed to stand still. If even just for a moment.

Katharina and Daniel celebrated their wedding at Landgut Lingental near Heidelberg in Germany, and the laid back, classy, rustic vibe of their venue and decorations perfectly complemented their wonderfully genuine love for each other and their adventurous spirits. During the ceremony as they stood in the cozy barn across from each other under a sky of sparkling lights, speaking their eternal “Yes” to each other, it seemed obvious that Katharina and Daniel’s love for each other is one that is so strong that it reaches not just into the hearts of the two of them, but all the way into the hearts of all who come into touch with this wonderful couple.

You might even say that this is a couple whose love spreads gladness across the world the same way a lighthouse spreads light across the surrounding waters and shores to serve as a guiding light of hope to the travellers of the night.

If you know Katharina and Daniel you might already know of Daniel’s great love for the ocean, specifically the North Sea and of course- lighthouses. You might also already know of Katharina’s love for reading and her adoration of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

Knowing this, as I watched this couple on their wedding day, I couldn’t help but think that, in Katharina, Daniel has now found his forever lighthouse. Katharina spreading light and love and illuminating him and his life with her bright beam of kindness, generosity, and joy. And in Daniel, Katharina has found her Mr. Darcy; Daniel filling Katharina’s life with pure, genuine love, adoration and support.

Katharina and Daniel, congratulations, I can’t wait to see how your love story continues to unfold and write itself!


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