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Etherial Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot || Janine and Sohel

October 7, 2018

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You know those movies you watch where you can’t help but cheer for the love of the main characters because they just seem perfect for each other? The movies where the couple may not work out the first time they try, so they end up taking separate paths for a while, but you just KNOW they are meant to be together? And at the end, they always find their way back, and find their forever in each other.

Well, sometimes those couples exist in real life, and Janine and Sohel are absolutely one of those. They met in 2009, quickly became friends and eventually started dating. The timing wasn’t right, but they stayed in touch throughout the years and eventually . . . after spending both years and being countries apart they reunited and fell back in love in 2016. They were married in August 2017 and started their journey together then as husband and wife! I mean, how perfect is their love story?

When I met up with Janine and Sohel for our session I immediately felt so excited! This is a couple so full of joy and laughter that it is absolutely infectious! Their love for each other is so obvious and strong, and they are the kinds of people who immediately make you feel like you are best friends. Oh yeah, and did I mention that they are also absolutely gorgeous?

I am so excited about all the beautiful moments and pictures we were able to capture and for their beautiful and inspiring love that they share for each other! I hope you all are able to catch a glimpse of this love and that you can feel the joy and happiness that was present during this photoshoot, through these images!

Enjoy some of the images from our anniversary / after-wedding shooting!

Florals by: Blumen Theis


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