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Elegant Wedding at Bandholm Hotel || Susanne and Mikkel

August 28, 2019

Mikkel took Susanne’s hand and twirled her around a few times. Together they stood, hand in hand, dancing in the evening glow as the sun slowly started setting along the horizon, casting little golden rays of gold through the trees. Susanne looked over her shoulder as she twirled and smiled at Mikkel who smiled back with the same kind of adoring smile that he had been sending her way all day. The kind of smile and look that showed complete and utter love, adoration, and awe for Susanne- his wife.

One of my favorite things during Susanne and Mikkel’s wedding was to see the way they looked at each other all throughout the day. In the church as Susanne walked down the aisle and Mikkel saw his future wife for the first time in her wedding dress. The looks they gave each other during the ceremony, and the looks they would share during our portrait time together as they stood as a newlywed couple for the first time together. I loved catching both Susanne and Mikkel all day sneaking in a little kiss, a handhold, or a look. Love is truly in these small acts, and love is something Susanne and Mikkel possess in abundance!

I started out the day with Susanne and loved getting to photograph all of her beautiful details (look at those shoes!) before capturing her getting ready! It is always so special getting to feel all the nerves as they build up the closer the ceremony gets! The ceremony was attended by their closest family and friends and for the reception we headed to Bandholm Beach Hotel- a gorgeous elegant hotel with a classy nautical flair right on the coast of Denmark’s island Lolland.

Here we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening together in the most beautiful surroundings! Every detail was perfect, and the day truly felt like a fairytale; the perfect mix of elegance and class as well as intimacy and closeness!

Susanne og Mikkel, tillykke!


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