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Dreamy Maternity Photoshoot at Grüneburgpark in Frankfurt | Loren and Jonathan

June 27, 2018

Hi Dreamers!
Last week I had an early morning session with this gorgeous couple of expecting parents! We met up at Grüneburgpark in Frankfurt at 7.00 to be able to catch some of the early sunrise light, and I am so glad we decided to do that- just look at that glow!
Loren and Jonathan were so fun to work with, and [even though I am normally not a morning person,] this session with the two (three) of them was such a breeze! Lots of laughs and fun!
While we were at the park we found a bed of lavender and another bed of roses that of course we just had to have pictures by! When we showed up the park tenants were in full swing watering the beds of flowers- water trucks, hoses, the full nine yards- but when they saw Loren and Jonathan they happily postponed their watering adventures for a short morning break so that we could step into the flowers for some quick pictures. So sweet of them!
I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and that you are able to feel the genuine love and joy this couple has for each other and their little baby girl!


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