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Traveling North

May 30, 2018

jeanette merstrand photography
A few months ago the magnolia tree outside in front of our apartment was in full bloom. Gorgeous and lush with its white and soft pink blossoms.
jeanette merstrand photography
For the past few years while living here in our small Frankfurt apartment, I have loved watching this tree in spring progress from bare, to budding, to full bloom, and finally to green. Although I watched out the same window, from the same apartment, this year specifically, watching the tree hit full bloom felt just a little different.
As I watched the tree reach full bloom, I couldn’t help but think that this will be the last time I get to watch the blooms out of this window.
My husband and I will be relocating this summer! Although in some ways I am excited about this new chapter in our life, I also feel a sense of mourning as starting this new chapter also means closing another. It is a strange feeling already missing a place that I haven’t even left yet!
I am so grateful for my time in Frankfurt and can’t wait to see what new adventures northern Germany brings!
What this means for Dreamer by Day Photography: Over the summer I will be available for shootings in Northern Germany and Denmark as usual, as well as in Frankfurt on select days. I will be traveling to Frankfurt several times throughout the summer and will be available in Frankfurt and the area during those visits! Please contact me as usual to set up an appointment!


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