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December 22, 2016

Welcome to my bedroom!

I have been wanting to film a video for a while now showcasing my husband and I’s bedroom, and I finally got around to it. We have been living in our current two room apartment for a little over six months now, and are absolutely loving it. Because I recently have felt inspired by the minimalist lifestyle, I have been working hard at decluttering and re-evaluating my possessions. Because I am on the journey of minimalism (aren’t we all on a journey of some sort?), our room is by no means a perfect representation of what it means to live minimally. Even so, I hope that this video is interesting to some of you and that some of you will feel inspired and uplifted. If nothing else, I am glad to have this video recorded to be able to look back on both as a measure for my progress as well as a treasured memory of my husband and I’s first apartment together.

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