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Romantic and Bright Engagement Pictures in Copenhagen || Susanne and Mikkel

August 14, 2019

The fluffy clouds that had been looming in the distance were now above us and cracked open slightly, just enough to let a few glistening drops of beautiful rain down while the sun continued to shine. As the small raindrops fell gently around Susanne and Mikkel, creating a sort of beautiful softness and quiet, they lovingly leaned in together and shared a kiss. And in the distance, a faint rainbow was forming.

Susanne and Mikkels engagement session in Copenhagen felt absolutely magical! The entire day it had been raining on and off and when the time of our session rolled around, it stayed dry just long enough for us to capture a plethora of beautiful images in the dry. When the rain then finally broke, it wasn’t the heavy downpour that we had had all day, but a beautiful, soft and romantic rain that only enhanced the magical nature of the session! Standing there, surrounded by wildflowers and tall grass swaying in the wind, it felt like time stood still.

Susanne and Mikkel are such a beautiful and sweet couple, and I loved getting to hang out with them and capture this precious time in their lives! They are as sweet as they are beautiful, and their kindness towards each other and those around them and their smiles are contagious! They met years ago and got engaged last New Year’s Eve as the clock struck twelve! They have a beautiful baby girl and a sweet puppy and this summer they are finally getting married and continuing with this commitment along their journey of “happily ever after.”


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