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Plan With Me || February 2019 Bullet Journal

February 1, 2019

Happy February 1st!

I’ve heard so many people mention how slow of a month January was for them. Am I the only one who felt like it FLEW by?! I mean, I cannot believe it is already FEBRUARY! This year I’ve decided to have a word of focus every month. In January my word was fearless. I had a lot of goals and plans and new things I wanted to try in January, and I wanted to try my very best to be fearless in my pursuit of trying new things, and connecting with others. I am thinking of sharing a little more about my choice of word from January and what my focus on being “fearless” led to, but I am saving that for a different blog post coming soon 🙂 February’s word is habit, and I am so excited about it! This month I want to be a little more intentional about growing and cultivating some specific habits in my life. There is so much power in a habit- whether it is good or bad- and I want to be able to use that power for

Soooo… Today’s post is about one of my favorite ways that I like to stay organized and to keep track of my habits and tasks- BULLET JOURNALING! For the past year I have been bullet journaling as a way to gather my thoughts, organize my tasks, plan my events, and track my habits. I use a regular palm sized calendar as well to be able to carry it around with me everywhere, but my bullet journal is my true friend 😉 I truly am the kind of person who will choose holding a book in my hands over listening to it, or writing notes on paper rather than typing it. So although I love the convenience of electronic journals and calendars, and I absolutely rely on these kinds of systems to organize my photography business, I just love having my pen-and-paper calendar and bullet journal as well! Anyone else love the physically of being able to hold something in your hands?!

If that describes anyone else out there, then be sure to check out the video below where I show off my February 2019 bullet journal spread! If any of you have a favorite calendar that you absolutely love using, or if you bullet journal yourself, please let me know in the comments what your favorite calendar is or what your favorite bullet journal spread is! 🙂




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  1. Alisha says:

    This is so cool! I’ve never heard of bullet journaling before. Awesome job on the video! What did you use to record it and do your audio voice over?

    • Jeanette Merstrand says:

      So happy to have introduced you to bullet journaling 🙂 I used my crop-frame Canon DSLR (70D) on a tripod and then did the voice-over in iMovie. I hope that helps!!

  2. Michaila says:

    I love your bullet journal video! That’s so fun! Also, I’m one of those people who feel January went by TOO SLOW! Haha

    • Jeanette Merstrand says:

      There are sooo many people who thought January was such a slow month! Haha. Maybe I am in the minority here 😉

  3. Cassandra says:

    How cool! I’ve never heard of bullet journaling! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jeanette Merstrand says:

      So glad I could introduce you to Bullet Journaling! 🙂 I really do love it so much! It’s a great stress-reliever to take some quiet time to set up each month, and then during the month it really helps me stay on track with my tasks and goals!!

  4. Nicole says:

    Love it! I’m not a very good bullet journal type person but love how they look.

    • Jeanette Merstrand says:

      I love how they look as well! Especially when people take the time to really make them artistic and personal! I keep mine fairly minimal so it doesn’t take too much time to set everything up, but I still LOVE seeing other people’s journals with more doodling, etc. 🙂

  5. Trisha says:

    I’ve been thinking about bullet journaling!!

    • Jeanette Merstrand says:

      I love it so much! It definitely helps keep me organized and motivated! 🙂 It does take a little trial and error though to find out which spreads work for you!

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