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Paying it Forward!

March 27, 2018

jeanette merstrand photography
Hi Dreamers!
Hope you are all having a terrific Tuesday! I wanted to tune in today for a quick blog post to let you all know about something exciting that I have been working on!
You know when you discover a new flavor of ice cream that you end up just loving (though I don’t know if anything can beat Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough and chunky monkey ice cream for me 😉 ), or when you find the perfect store that harbors exactly your style, or when you discover a new park in town that is just divine? You know how you just HAVE to tell all of your friends and family about these discoveries so that they can enjoy them too?
I really am so grateful for all of you, and I really wanted to think of a way that I could show that appreciation by giving something to all of you while also allowing YOU to give something to someone else and allowing your friends/family to benefit as well. After all, if we love something, why shouldn’t we share it? Love is the gift that keeps giving, right?
So, I came up with a referral program, and I am so excited to announce its launch! Anyone who has had their picture taken by Dreamer by Day Photography, will automatically be enrolled in the referral program! Read on to learn about how it works!
So, that’s it! Basically, if you enjoyed your photo-shooting experience and know someone who would like to update the frames on their wall as well, this is a great opportunity for you AND them to save some money and update those pictures. Let me know if you have any questions.
Happy referring!


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