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Not Sure What Your Passion is? Ask yourself this question!

January 6, 2020

We seem to be overwhelmed with mantras to “Live your passion,” “pursue your passion,” and “follow your passion,” but what does PASSION actually mean? Chances are, you have asked yourself before and maybe even struggled with the question, “What is my passion?”

Passion is defined as a strong feeling for something, and if you are anything like me, an attempt to define your passion might look something like overwhelm and frustration. There are so many things that I feel strongly about, that interest me, that excite me! Defining what passion is, not just in the dictionary, but in our life, can seem like an overwhelming task! When we are asked about our passion we think with our heart instead of thinking in real-world experience. Thinking with your heart can be a beautiful thing, but when trying to pin down a meaning and definition it makes the task difficult.

I recently watched an interview where passion was explained to be energy. I love this shift in perspective! Energy is defined as “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” Instead of asking yourself “what is my passion” ask yourself “what energizes me.”

Energy is something that we can FEEL in the moment and in its effects. It energizes us in the moment, and it gives us the strength and vitality to keep going forward. More than that, when we ask ourselves what “energizes you, naturally expands you, feels like possibility is exciting to do?” we naturally connect not just with our hearts, but with our real life experience. We are placed in a different frame of mind than when asking ourselves “what is your passion?” Passion becomes energy and energy becomes something that we can feel, understand, and define.

So think about this: What gives you energy? When you wake up, what makes you want to get out of bed and not just exist, but really LIVE? What brings you the strength and power to keep going even when things get hard? What drives you forward?

Does serving other people give you the energy to keep moving forward? Does connecting with history? Does sharing your thoughts with others? Does helping a company improve and develop? Does connecting with other people? Animals? Nature? Numbers? Words? Helping people heal, mentally or physically?

Whatever generates energy in your life THAT is where your passion lies. THAT is what you should chase.

What energizes you might change over time, and that is OK, the important thing is to stop feeling overwhelmed and frozen by the question of PASSION, when the more helpful question you should be asking is what energizes you! Follow the energy.


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