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Beach Engagement Session in Aarhus, Denmark || Mia and Mikkel

March 13, 2019

As Mia and Mikkel were hugging each other close while standing on the beach smiling and looking into each other’s eyes, a gust of wind picked up Mia’s hair and blew it across her face. Mikkel gently brushed her hair back and they chuckled softly with each other.
Although the weather stayed dry during our session (thank you weather!) it was both windy and cold, and it was so sweet to see how protective Mikkel was of Mia. Pulling her in close to warm her, brushing her hair back when the wind would pick it up, and helping her in and out of her boots as we moved from one location to another.
And Mia’s bright and gentle personality was so refreshing on an otherwise grey and cloudy day! This is a couple that has such an obviously strong love both for each other, but also for their family and the people around them! I loved getting to capture a piece of this love, getting to hang out with them and laughing with them during our session together! Because for how sweet and kind they are, they are equally hilarious, and I LOVE all the laughs and smiles we were able to capture together!
I met with Mia and Mikkel in Aarhus at the Varna Palae (Varna Palæet) and it provided the perfect framing for this session! I hope you all can feel the happiness and kindness of this beautiful couple through their engagement pictures!


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  1. Winterlyn says:

    Love the emotions you captured here!

  2. Joanna says:

    Such a gorgeous session! I love the light and her dress is so pretty!

    • Jeanette Merstrand says:

      It was such a cloudy day, and the softness of the light ended up being just perfect! Her dress was adorable! I also loved how it moved in the wind- such a perfect dress!

  3. Amy says:

    Love these!

  4. Misha says:

    LOVE the feel of your photos! And they look so crisp and clean and gorgeous. Really impressed

  5. Hannah Cousins says:

    I can just see the love between these two!! They look like such a fun couple, you did such a great job!

    • Jeanette Merstrand says:

      Their love and joy together was so obvious and absolutely contagious! Thank you so much for your sweet words <3

  6. Samantha says:

    Wow, these are so incredible! I love the bright and light tones, and the genuine connections you captured!

    • Jeanette Merstrand says:

      Thank you so much, Samantha! I love the softness and emotions in these ones as well! They are such a sweet and genuine couple and the setting was just perfect!

  7. Mandy Provan says:

    I love how joyful and in love these 2 are!! fabulous work!

    • Jeanette Merstrand says:

      Thank you so much! And yes, their love for each other and happiness was absolutely contagious!!

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