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New Website Launch || Jeanette Merstrand Photography!

March 21, 2020

copenhagen destination wedding photographer jeanette merstrand

A while ago I asked you all to share with me what words came to mind when you would think of Jeanette Merstrand Photography, and I got some beautiful words in response.

Here are a few of the words you all responded with:













Bright / Light


I loved hearing and reading all of your responses to this question and getting an insight into how my brand is perceived by all of you! I took the words that you all sent me and used them to adjust my website and fine-tune it into what it is now, and I hope you all love it even more than before and see all of the words above shining through the design and writing!


Here is a short overview of some of the changes I have made:

copenhagen destination wedding photographer jeanette merstrand

When you first make it to my website you will be asked if you are interested in my wedding photography or my portrait photography. It has been several years now since I included portrait photography on my website as one of my services, but due to popular demand I am bringing it back!

The portrait page is still in progress, but I wanted to build my website up in a way that already introduces the service – and hopefully gets you all excited to follow along for more updates!

copenhagen destination wedding photographer jeanette merstrand

As part of my new website I have integrated a new interactive WEDDING TIMELINE EXAMPLE for all of you future brides who might feel a little overwhelmed or confused about where to start with your wedding day planning, and understanding how the photography will fit into your day!

I offer an 8-hour and a 10-hour wedding day coverage, and I have an example of both of those timelines as well as a guide with tips on how to know whether an 8-hour coverage or a 10-hour coverage fits your needs the best!

Want to take a look through the example timelines? Check them out here!

New images! Creative work develops and evolves over time! Although I strive to keep my work timeless and true so that my images never really will “go out of style,” I have had so many wonderful sessions since I last updated my website and a lot of those sessions now have a home on my website!

The wedding and engagement galleries have also been updated and curated with all of the beautiful words you provided me with as inspiration!

A new header! I have adjusted my menu so that when you navigate to the wedding section of my website a whole additional and more detailed header with only wedding related topics show up.

Once I have my portrait page up and running I will add a detailed header to the portrait sections on my website as well. I hope this new feature will help all of you to be able to navigate through my website with ease and that it will bring clarity as you browse through the pages!

This brings me to my next change that I have made!

copenhagen destination wedding photographer jeanette merstrand

Investment information is now available on my website! I decided to make my pricing available on my website so that all of you wonderful future brides and grooms can get a quick idea of my price-point and how it fits into your budget!

copenhagen destination wedding photographer jeanette merstrand photography

There are SO MANY other changes that I have made on my website, and they have all been made with YOU in mind: to help you navigate my page and find exactly what you are looking for! To help give you a clear vision and idea of who I am and how I can serve you as your photographer! To inspire you! To give you a place that feels pure, bright, tender and blissful!

I am so excited to share my new home on the web with all of you and I hope you will love it as much as me! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite part or feature of the new Jeanette Merstrand Photography website is in the comments below!

Check out the new website here:



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