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A Sea of Rocks

October 20, 2016

Lately I have found it difficult to motivate myself to get out of the apartment to explore and adventure. Perhaps the result of an exhausted third-culture kid overcompensating a weariness of travel with too much home-alone-time while searching for stability. Or perhaps it’s the cooler weather. Either way, this past week getting outside and connecting with nature found its way into my schedule.

Near Frankfurt in the Oden Forest (Odenwald) there is a blockfield of large boulders paving way up the mountainside. Blockfields in German are called “Felsenmeer” which means “sea of rocks,” and it is easy to see why someone might have thought up this word whilst gazing upon the stony landscape cascading down the mountainside.

Hiking up the mountain crawling over and climbing through the boulders, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for this “rock climbing” experience. Since I no longer live in the mouth of a canyon, it has been a long time now since I have found time for proper rock-climbing, and although this might contradict the traditional definition of it, I was glad to have had some “rock climbing” time while visiting the Felsenmeer. It was such a beautiful trip, and I would recommend it to anyone. Fresh air and beautiful landscapes have a way of forcing emotions of gratitude and appreciation to the surface of humanity, so I will let the images speak for the rest of the post. Hope you enjoy the pictures, and that you are able to find some time this autumn season to get outside, explore, and connect with nature as well! Enjoy!


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