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German Christmas Market

December 8, 2016

Happy Advent!

Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year. I love how everything seems to slow down and how during the holiday season family and friends tend to be prioritized. I have so many beautiful memories from Christmas growing up, and as long as I can remember it has been a magical time for me. The magic still lingers, and I am thrilled that the season has finally arrived! I would like to dedicate a separate and complete post to the topic, but this year Jan and I have decided to gift ourselves and each other with mainly experiences as opposed to material possession. Although we will be giving a few smaller gifts, we are generally striving to gather memories built up of experiences this season [more about this later].

The past few weeks we have been making time to enjoy the many Christmas markets here in Germany and a few days ago we went to a Christmas market in Bad Homburg; a smaller city near Frankfurt here in Germany. It was beautiful and helped launch us into not just the Christmas season, but the Christmas spirit. The Christmas markets here in Germany are some of my favorite ones around, and we made a short video to record our memory and to share it with all of you.



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