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Barefoot Blonde Hair

December 16, 2016

A few weeks ago I ordered some hair extensions in the mail, and because I absolutely love watching other people’s unboxing and first impressions on items that they buy, I wanted to add my own to the mix. Besides if I can help someone else who is considering making the purchase make an informed decision, then this post will be worth it for me.

Barefoot Blonde Hair is a company that was recently launched and started by blogger Amber Fillerup. On their website they currently have 19 colours to choose from, but their selection is always growing. They offer free shipping, however if you live outside of the United States you will most likely be charged customs and duties when your extensions arrive in your country, so definitely keep that in mind when ordering!

The extensions arrived in a beautiful box that you can use to store them in when they are not being used. Inside of the box there is a plastic pouch with two different compartments. The smaller one at the bottom contains a testing strip that you can colour match to your hair. I would suggest checking the colour in several different kinds of lighting and focusing mainly on the ends of your hair when comparing the colour. If the colour of the testing strip matches your own hair colour and if you are not planning on returning the extensions, then you can open up the large compartment at the top. Once the seal on the bigger compartment has been broken you can no longer return the extensions.

I tested the colour of the extensions against my own hair in several different lighting situation and found that my own hair is slightly more warm-toned than the extensions. Unfortunately during pre-sale (when I ordered my extensions) they only had a small number of colours and I ordered the colour out of the available ones that matched me best, however a newly released colour would have definitely matched better. That being said, I will be keeping the extensions because the match is not completely off and I don’t want to spend the money needed on return shipping and I would prefer not to have to pay customs and duties again since that is a charge that can not be refunded. It is important to note though that Barefoot Blonde does have a lenient exchange policy, and they do offer exchanges and returns if only the testing strip has been opened and if they receive the exchange/return within 30 days, I just am not willing to pay for return shipping and to have to pay customs and duties once again.

When I opened the extensions I found that they were really thick- thicker than my own ponytail! They are 160 grams of human remy hair, and just to be sure I did weigh them. Mine weighed in at 162 grams, so definitely no surprises there. The texture of the extensions is a little more coarse than my own hair, but I have extremely fine hair (one of the reasons why I wanted to try out extensions). To be honest though, the fact that the extensions are a little thicker is probably a good thing as they will withstand heat better than my own hair! They are realistically shiny, and do not look synthetic at all.

The first time I put them in it was a little hard for me to know how to blend them with my own hair because I have very fine hair and also have a mid-length very blunt haircut, but I do find the extensions to be very user-friendly, and although it did take some getting used to at first, it didn’t take too much practice learning how to put them in properly. They are extremely long (21 inches) which really is perfect if you want to use them to add length and thickness to your braids! I might trim or layer mine slightly to blend a little bit better with my own hair if I do chose to wear them down, but originally I got these extensions to help add thickness and length to my braids.

All in all I am really satisfied with these extensions! I have been wanting to try some out for a long time so when Amber launched her company I felt like it was a good time to try some out, and I am glad I did. I am still a little bummed about the colour, since I believe a slightly more warm-toned colour might have matched better, but in the end I am satisfied and so happy that I decided to order these extensions!

Check out my un-boxing video below for a closer look at the extensions!


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