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A Fairytale Wedding at Chateau de Bourron

June 27, 2022

Paris chateau wedding

The ground was glistening. All morning it had been raining, and it had left the ground, the chateau and everything surrounding with a beautiful glistening wet. The green of the grass and trees were even brighter than usual, and a fresh scent of newness hung in the air.

Arheely and Maxime walked hand in hand through this scene, smiling at each other. They had just arrived at Chateau Bourron after saying “Yes” to each other at the nearby church in Fontainebleau. In the back of the chateau all their friends and family were waiting to celebrate their union. They pulled each other tight, shared a kiss and enjoyed a few precious moments alone, before walking hand in hand towards the chateau and their waiting friends and family.

Arheely and Maxime’s wedding at Chateau de Bourron in Fontainebleau near Paris was such a rich mix of cultures, languages and people. Arheely is from Mexico and Maxime from France, but they met in The Netherlands and are currently living in Switzerland. They are both global citizens, and the only force that truly could have brought these two together must have been fate. Their celebration was a mix of French and Mexican tradition and their guests came from all over the world.

It was a day to remember, filled to the brim with love.


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