It is important to me as your wedding photographer that I get to capture your ENTIRE wedding day! 8 - 10 hours gives me enough time to capture the day in a way that tells the complete story! But, how do you know if you need 8 or 10 hours? Although every wedding day is unique, here are a few guidelines to help you decide!

REMEMBER: After booking and during the planning stage, it is always possible to add additional hours on top of your package if it becomes necessary!

8 hours if:

-Your ceremony starts after 16.00

-Your ceremony and reception location are within 30 minutes or less driving distance

- Your wedding is between April and September (as the days are longer and we therefore have more flexibility with portrait time)

- Your ceremony is before 16.00, but you don't want the reception covered (first dance, speeches, etc.)

10 hours if:

- Your ceremony starts before 16.00

-You ceremony and reception is more than a 30 minute travel time apart

- Your wedding is between October and March (as the days are shorter and we have less flexibility with portrait time)

-It is important to you that the whole wedding day is covered

8 hours

10 hours